About Chelsea Promotions, Inc.

Chelsea Promotions, Inc. is involved in the premium and promotion industries. We distribute, manufacture and import numerous items, ranging from apparel to journals, electronics to novelty items.

Chelsea's management has 45 years of experience in the premium and apparel industries, and the staff includes young, artistic people who are atuned to the current trends in music, media and fashion. Our in-house art department gives us the ability to quickly create virtual presentations to help you visualize a product until a sample arrives.

Chelsea Promotions is affiliated with L2 Productions which designs, builds, installs, and if necessary, manages corporate displays. Together, Chelsea and L2 have created many successful events, with each of us employing our own area of expertise.

We are also affiliated with a London-based company, Pink Soda UK, which is in the fashion apparel and accessory business in Europe and Japan. This affiliation has given us the ability to learn of European and Asian trends before they reach U.S. markets. The European and Asian markets are visited several times per year to research new ideas and items. Domestic apparel production is handled by a subsidiary, Chelsea Productions, Inc.

The ability to produce or import directly enables us to oversee our own production and pass along accurate and timely information about delivery and pricing. It also has given us the opportunity to keep you updated throughout the production process to review and discuss any changes. These manufacturing and importing facilities also allow us to pass along substantial savings to our customers.

We welcome the opportunity to make a presentation tailored to your specific needs. Please contact us to arrange an informal meeting. If you would like to see our client list or references, just ask. Chelsea Promotions, Inc. (212) 876-7900.

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